Return to School

You will find all the information you need on the special arrangements for your child’s return to school in September 2020 on this page.

Information for Parents

Full Opening of School – September 2020

These are our plans for a full return to school in September for all classes.

Our priority at all times continues to be to keep everyone as safe as we possibly can. Therefore It is essential that families inform us immediately of anyone in their family who is experiencing symptoms of Covid 19.

At St Mary’s we will continue:

  • Enhanced cleaning of the school;
  • Regular hand-washing;
  • Engagement with NHS Test and Trace;
  • Reduce contacts and maximise distancing between those in school;
  • For coughs and sneezes: Catch it, bin it, kill it;
  • We will monitor and revise our risk assessment and be prepared for any local lockdown
  • We will need to stagger start times, finish times breaks and lunches to avoid transmission between phase bubbles.

Every child’s education is important and we believe it is essential that they remain engaged and motivated. We will keep the curriculum as broad and balanced as we can whilst identifying any areas that require catch-up. Phase group ‘bubbles’ allow us lots of flexibility in terms of the timetable and we believe we have already established some very healthy practices and routines around the school site including regular handwashing, increased cleaning and regular cleaning regimes.

What we do know is that the start of the next school year will need to look a bit different from what was previously publicised. We haven’t been able to give the new Reception Class their usual welcome to school and so we are keen to make sure they are given our full attention early on. It is always a challenge to start ‘big school’ and this may be even harder this year.

We hope all pupils will return to school on Thursday 3rd September and have planned transition activities to help them to adjust to new school routines. Please do make sure the usual standards apply in terms of uniform, shoes, haircuts and equipment. The children should come to school in PE kit on the days they have PE – they do not need to wear uniform. This should include trainers and, if cold, tracksuit bottoms and a hoodie with a coat if wet. Your child’s teacher will let you know which days are PE days in the coming week.

We have plenty of hand-sanitiser in school, but if you have a child in Year 5 or 6, it would be helpful for them to bring along their own hand sanitiser. We also encourage these children to walk, ride or scooter to school if you feel it is safe to do so.

There are changes to drop-off and collection times to reduce crowding (see below). Please ensure that your child arrives on time and is collected on time. We want to keep children and parents moving to avoid unnecessary contact so we have introduced a ‘drop and go’ zone. This will be a coned-off area to drop children after entering the Main Gate and then parents are asked to exit the South Gate straight away.

Classes Phase Arrival time Way In Pick-up time Exit from building Exit gate
Blake Y3 / Y4 8.40 Parish Gate 3.00 Outside door Main Gate
Craigweil Main Gate
Marine Y3 / Y4 8.40 Main Gate 3.00 Outside door South Gate
Wheatland Y5 / Y6 8.40 Main Gate 3.00 Parish Hall Main Gate
Hotham Front doors South Gate
Regis Front doors South Gate
Ocean Y1 / Y2 8.50 Main Gate 3.10 KS1 door South Gate
Beach KS1 door South Gate
Seagull Y1 / Y2 8.50 Main Gate 3.10 Front doors Main Gate
Shell Early Years 9.00 Main Gate 2.50 EYFS Playground South Gate
Starfish South Gate


The Main Gate and South Gate will be one way in the morning. Please do not wait on the playground as this will mean that bubbles mix. Early Years parents may wait in the EYFS play area until the children are collected. If you have children in different bubbles please arrive for the earlier start and your child can go straight to their class. We have purchased a new bike and scooter rack for Early Years and key stage one to avoid crossing the bubbles.

Parents are welcome to enter the playground at collection time but maintain a one metre distance wherever possible. A map will be provided to show the different collection areas in the playground. Unless it is an emergency, please only communicate with the office via email. By reducing the number of people who enter the school we will minimise the risk of infection.

If you do have any questions at this stage, please email the school office: .

Download a printable copy of this information:
Information for Parents – Return to School September 2020

Map of Entry and Exits


Download a printable copy here: Map of entry and exits

Children’s Guide

Returning to St Mary’s Catholic Primary School

We are very excited to have lots of you back after a very long time away from school. Some of you have not been in school since March so here is a guide to help you understand more about what school will look like when you return.

All of you will be moving into a new year group when you return, the Year 1 children will come back as Year 2 and the Year 2 children will be moving up to Year 3 and so on. For some of you this may mean that you will have a new teacher and a new classroom.

Getting ready for school

When you are getting ready to return to school you need to make sure that come back in your normal school uniform. You do not need to bring in a PE kit as your teacher will tell you which day you have PE on and you can come to school dressed in your PE kit on those days. Lunch times will be similar to before, you can bring in your own packed lunch or your adult can order a hot dinner with Chartwells. Every day you must bring in a water bottle and your reading book, these should be in your book bag or a small rucksack. For the moment you cannot bring your own pencil case, or anything else from home.

Arriving and leaving

When you get to school, you will come in to the playground through one of the gates, there will be cones and signs showing you where you should go. You cannot play on the playground at the start of the day, you should head straight to your classroom. At the end of the day you adult will be allowed on the playground to collect you. You might start and finish school at different times to sibling or friends in different year groups.

In school

The tables have been moved so you can have lots of space to keep you safe. You will have certain places to sit and equipment you can use. Your teacher will explain all of this in the first few days back.

Playtimes and lunchtimes will be at different times to other year groups. You will eat lunch in your bubble with your class friends. Children with packed lunches and children having hot dinners will be eating in different rooms but you will still see your class friends when you go out to play.


Washing hands will be very important when you are at school. You must keep washing your hands for at least 20 seconds. There will be posters next to the sink to remind you how you need to wash your hands.

If you are going to sneeze or cough, you must do this into a tissue then put the tissue in the bin and wash your hands.

Going back to school will be fun. You must try to remember that the changes are to keep you and your friends safe. If you have any worries or questions, you can ask your adult at home or an adult in your class.

Download a printable version here: Children’s Guide – Return to School for September

Term Dates for this academic year can be found on the Term Dates page on this website.

You can download a printable version of the term dates here: St Mary’s Term Dates 2020_2021

These dates and others can also be found in the Calendar of Events


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