Year 3/4

Hi to all Year 3/4,

It has been really strange not having classes full of children and we can’t wait to have you all back in. Well done to those children who have been working hard on Spelling Shed and Maths Shed. Keep working on this, as some classes in our school have managed to get in to the WORLD TOP 10!

Below is our suggested home learning for you each week. There are lots of different resources available so keep looking out for some amazing ideas.

 You can email your class teacher, using the name of your class (e.g. Blake) and adding (e.g. ). Through emailing, you could ask us questions about the work we have set, send us any work (either written or scanned) that you would like us to look at, or even sending us news from your home or things you would like prayer for.

Stay safe and we will see you soon.

Mr Haskell, Mrs Flaxbeard & Mr Eyres

Year 3 and 4 - Home Learning - Week beginning 18.5.20

Click below to download this week’s Year 3 and 4’s Home Learning suggestions.

Year 3.4 Home Learning Week Beginning 18.05.20

Year 3.4 English Work Week Beginning 18.05.20

Year 3.4 Maths Mr Eyres and Mr Haskell’s Maths Groups Fractions wb 18.05.20

A welcome to this week’s learning from Mrs Lockwood

Previous week - Year 3 and 4 - Home Learning - week beginning 11.5.20

Year 3.4 Home Learning Work Week Beginning 11.05.20

Year 3.4 English Work Week Beginning 11.05.20

Year 3.4 Mrs Flaxbeard’s Maths Group Week Beginning 11.05.20

And a little message from Mr Eyres to Blake, Craigweil and Marine classes for this week, providing some hints and tips on this week’s work.

Maths videos

In this section, you can see some recently shot videos of our year 3 and 4 teachers that you may have missed. These could be useful in your day to day Maths work