After School Clubs

We offer a range of school clubs some of which are seasonal, others continue throughout the entire school year.  Current Autumn term clubs include:


 No Clubs

No Clubs

 No Clubs


Southern Academy Karate Club Years 1-6  3pm – 4pm 


Premier Multi Sports Club Years 1-4        3pm – 4pm

School Led Girls Football Years 4 -6 3pm – 4pm


Brighton & Hove Albion Football Club Years 1-4  3pm – 4pm 

School Led Dance Club Years 5-6      3pm-4pm Starting 01/11/2023

School Led Nature Club Years 1-3 3pm – 4pm Starting 27/09/23


School Led Choir        Years 2-6  3pm – 4pm

School Led Netball        Years 5-6       3pm – 4pm  School  Led Boys Football Years 5-6 3pm – 4pm
Friday No Clubs  No Clubs 

No Clubs