This continues to be a very unusual time for us all, especially entering into country-wide lockdown for the second time. We have probably all experienced a whole array of feelings at different times – sometimes you might be excited and happy to be off school, sometimes you might be missing your friends, and sometimes you might feel a bit worried or anxious. All of these feelings are perfectly normal and it is ok to be feeling them.

This part of the website is designed to give you some ideas on activities you could do to help you understand these feelings or to help you to regain control of them if you are feeling a bit overwhelmed. This selection of stories from a wealth of well-known authors and illustrators is a great place to start as a place of hope.

Rain before Rainbows Story

ELSA Vaccine Story

This is a useful story explaining about the vaccine, what it will mean in time for us all and why children won’t be vaccinated


ELSA Worry Jar Activity

This is a useful activity for children who might feel worry during this uncertain time.



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