Stories to help you through Lockdown

May 4, 2020 | News

It is normal to be scared. We all get scared, even as adults, but coping with the variety of uncertainties that both ourselves and children are facing during this strange period can be hard. Writers and illustrators have tried to meet this need we all have by writing a selection of stories and non-fiction pieces based on the theme of Hope.

There are two seperate ebooks available completely free. One is entitled ‘Everybody Worries’ and is a picture book written by Jon Burgerman, and the second is a collection fiction and non-fiction writing from a wide selection of authors, curated by Katherine Rundell. She said;

“A few weeks ago, I began a Hope Project; I emailed some of the children’s writers and artists whose work I love most. I asked them to write something very short, fiction or non-fiction, or draw something that would make the children reading it feel like possibility-ists: something that would make them laugh or wonder or snort or smile. The response was magnificent, which shouldn’t have surprised me, because children’s writers and illustrators are professional hunters of hope. I hope that the imagination can be a place of shelter for children in the hard months ahead and that The Book of Hopes might be useful in that, even if only a little.”

Katherine Rundell –

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